Lawrence Coulson – Witness To Beauty


Edition -150

Image Size  – 15 x 15 inches

Medium – Paper Edition




As a child Lawrence Coulson grew up surrounded by fine art, his father being the hugely successful painter Gerald Coulson. He always loved to draw, cars being a passion of his and he dreamt of becoming a car designer. Lawrence came out of school at 16 with a grade D O level in art, this being the sum total of his formal art training, and fell into a succession of jobs in retail that he didn’t really enjoy, or excel at.

At the age of 21 his father encouraged him to have a go at painting and set him the exercise of copying a Victorian landscape. He gave Lawrence a few tips and pointers but pretty much left him to get on with it. He enjoyed the processes of trying to match his stumbling technique to what this old master had created and the end result was proficient enough to encourage him to do more.

After a while a local pub landlord suggested hanging a couple in his lounge bar, sensibly priced at £30.00 each, and sure enough, upon his return the following week, both had sold. The seed was sown. Gradually he built up the confidence to approach a couple of local galleries, up the prices a little and slowly but surely start to build a reputation for his self, by now pursuing the dream of becoming a full time painter. His success continued and Lawrence became the proud winner of two awards from the Fine Art Guild.

Living on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens, Lawrence is hugely influenced by the local landscape where everything is dominated by huge skies and endless horizons. All of this has provided him with a wealth of reference material to draw on.

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