Linda Charles – Golden Brown Abstract


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It is quite impossible for me to describe a typical day, as there simply is no such thing in my life. Perhaps an ideal day would be if interest! My perfect day would be to wake up in France, and walk down to a small private cove near St Tropez where I can sit on the rocks and watch the ocean. This is my favourite place in the world as I have perhaps had more ideas in this stunning spot than anywhere else; I always get a rush of colours and patterns coming into my head as I watch the changing moods of the sea and sky! But back to reality…I often find that I am unable to sleep because of all the ideas buzzing around in my head. When this happens I get out of bed and hit the studio, as I know there is no chance of going back to sleep until I have done some painting. I really do not class this as work, as it is sheer creative pleasure for me. If I do sleep through, I will go to the studio when I feel ready, and work as the mood takes me. I find that although routine works for a lot of people, it is not particularly helpful to me, as I prefer to paint only as a spontaneous response to the creative impulse.
The Creative Impulse…
The two key elements that inspire me to paint are perhaps nature and, quite simply, colour. The latter can be through something as prosaic as furniture or fashion, particularly the way the light falls on the fabric of someone’s clothes as they move around. I also enjoy the scientific aspects of light and colour, exploring the spectrum and examining reflections and shadows. France is very important to me and I try to spend some time there several times a year. I am unfailingly inspired by the entrancing quality of the light on the stunning landscapes, and of course, the stylish interiors and the fashions of the city streets!
A number of artists have had a profound influence on me, but I would say more on my outlook on life than on my actual style. Perhaps it’s the same thing in the end! I particularly admire Mark Rothko for his bold simplicity and his mastery of colour, Heidi Konig for her amazing printing skills, and Georgia O’Keefe for her stunning manipulation of colour and texture that makes such an extraordinary impact on everyone – even those who don’t particularly enjoy her work.
The Creative Process…
Once I have an idea in my head and am ready to go, I prepare the materials I will need. Generally I have a vision of the finished composition in my head, so know exactly what I will need to gain the effect I want. Whether I am painting onto paper or canvas, my preferred medium is acrylics, as they are so versatile and can be mixed with all sorts of substances to achieve the desired texture. I also find the use of gold, silver and bronze leaf is a highly satisfying way to highlight colours, add textural finish, and simply bring sparkle and life into my work. I do spend much of my time painting commissions, and here again I consider carefully how best to represent what a client is looking for. They usually choose a colour scheme and size, and let me know whether they would prefer paper or canvas; I then get a huge amount of pleasure from trying to make this one the most exciting yet, as the biggest thrill I get from my work is knowing it brings pleasure to others!
Linda was born in 1969 in London. After studying combined arts at Harlow, fashion at Redbridge, and textiles at Herriot Watt University in Galashiels, Scotland, she went straight on to become a full-time artist. Linda describes herself as a “contextual” painter, who views each composition as part of a whole imagined interior landscape. She is a firm believer in the connection between colour and mood, and her positive personality leads to her select a vivid and uplifting range of hues. Linda’s background in fashion and textile design has had a profound effect on her work, with texture playing a vital part in the finished image. Each piece is carefully created layer by layer using acrylics offset by gold leaf, which lends a spectacular intensity to the finished image. Leading the way in contemporary mixed-media work, Linda has quickly built up a huge following and is already one of the UK’s most collectable contemporary artists. Many of her paintings are now in private collections throughout the UK and she also has a huge following in the States.

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